“It is my pleasure to recommend Evangelist Ken Lynch to you. With an evident heart for people, Ken clearly and passionately preaches the Word of God and the message of the Gospel. Having been involved with his ministry here in the states as well as on the mission field, I appreciate his desire to see lives transformed through the truth of the Bible.”

“In addition to preaching God’s Word, Ken is willing to serve each church as a uniquely gifted musician playing multiple instruments. For the last several years, our ministry has had the privilege of sending him out as our staff evangelist. Our desire is that he might serve in churches like yours for God’s glory.”

Pastor Dan Brabson, Bible Baptist Church, West Chester, PA


“As a pastor who regards seriously the responsibility of exposing my people to men who will stand true to the Word of God and who can be trusted for their faithfulness to the Lord in that endeavor, I have found Evangelist Ken Lynch to be committed in both his preaching and ministry in music to that Biblical standard. We have had Ken and his wife Barb in our church often. I consider them close friends and encouragers to our people and this pastor. They have been a consistent blessing to our ministry.”

Pastor Mark Thomas, Cornerstone Baptist Bible Church, Freeport, PA


“Evangelist Ken Lynch’s ministry began to have an impact on my life and ministry long before I knew him personally. More than 30 years ago, while he was ministering in Montana, a young 8-year-old girl went forward after one of his evangelistic meetings, was met by Brother Lynch’s daughter, Joanna, and accepted the Lord as her personal Savior. That young girl is now my wife, Laura.

“The Apostle Paul tells us to ‘mark them which walk so as ye have us for an example”.” (Phil. 3:17) He also instructs Timothy that those who “rule well [should] be counted worthy of double honor, especially they who labor in the word and doctrine. (I Tim. 5:17) As a young man, I would like you to know that I have ‘marked’ Evangelist Lynch as a man who displays faithfulness to God and the ministry of His Word. I seek to share ‘double honor’ upon him publicly by sharing my personal appreciation for how God has used him to minister to me and my family.”

BWM Missionary-Pastor Jeremy Markle, Juana Diaz, Puerto Rico 


“I am happy to endorse the ministry of Evangelist Ken Lynch. I have known Brother Lynch for more than twenty years and have had him minister in our church multiple times. I appreciate his stand on the Word of God and his ability to communicate it passionately, fervently and without apology. He is also a very accomplished musician, ministering godly music on several instruments. His music is completely in line with biblical principles such as Colossians 3:16, etc.

“I wholeheartedly recommend Brother Lynch’s ministry to churches of all sizes. He has a special burden to help smaller churches. I praise the Lord for Ken’s faithful ministry and know he will be a blessing to you and your church.”

Pastor Gary Myers, Biblical Baptist Church, Meshoppen, PA

Musical Evangelist